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Unique And Traditional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics - 2021 Guide



In academic life, students are taught many skills. One of those skills is the skill of writing essays, articles, and many other types of papers. They are taught how to become a good essay writer and how to write essays just like professionals. 

There are so many different essay types, each one of them is written differently and serves a different purpose. A compare and contrast essay one of the most important essay types. This type of essay is written in order to compare two or more than two objects. 

This type of essay helps a student to enhance his/her analytical skills and also teaches a student how to critically think over a given subject. It is an interesting essay type that is usually assigned to students at higher educational levels as it is also a complicated essay to write. For this reason, most of the students think to “essay writing service” rather than writing it themself.  

There are certain things that make an essay good and attractive for the readers. One of those things is a strong topic. A topic is a major thing that makes an essay effective and impressive. Finding a good topic is one of the major parts of essay writing. 

When students are unable to find a good topic they seek help from professional writers and ask them to “write my essay”.

You should also know that for a naive writer it is not easy to find a good topic. This requires special skills and a lot of practice. 

In this article, we have summed up some amazing topics for you. Go through all these topics thoroughly and choose the one according to your interests. 


Traditional compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Qualities of the bad writer and a good essay writer.
  2. Public educational institute vs private colleges.
  3. Being famous or being wealthy.
  4. The home you currently line in and the house of your dream.
  5. Traditional educational system vs online education system. 
  6. The personality of Barack Obama or Thomas Jefferson. Who was a better president?
  7. The idea of Harry Potter vs The idea of The Lord of the Rings.
  8. Religion or common things of Orthodox and Catholic churches.
  9. Creationism vs Darwinism. Draw a logical conclusion. 


Excellent topics for college students

  1. Compare and contrast the personalities of Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher.
  2. Facebook vs Twitter.
  3. Apple mobile phones vs Samsung mobile phones.
  4. The mindset of Introverts and the mentality of extroverts.
  5. Oxford style or Harvard style.
  6. Real-life relationships or virtual relationships. 
  7. Compare EBooks and textbooks.
  8. Sense and Sensibility vs Pride and Prejudice.
  9. Differences between the beliefs of Christians and Buddhists. 


Good topics for everyone

  1. Compare and contrast the taste of Pepsi and Coke.
  2. Communism vs capitalism.
  3. Working in a huge corporation or working in a new startup.
  4. Compare the food of KFC with the taste of McDonald's.
  5. Differences between Baroque and Renaissance.
  6. Junk meals vs vegetarian meals.
  7. The convenience of laptops and tablets.
  8. Compare and contrast the effects of printed ads and TV commercials.
  9. Outdoor games or video games.


What are interesting compare and contrast essay topics?

  1. The fashion sense of today’s generation VS the fashion trends of the past. 
  2. Perks of summer season VS the perks of winter weather.
  3. Real-life theater vs. fictional movies.
  4. Differences between Hinduism and Islam.
  5. Linux or Windows. 
  6. Owning cats as pets and benefits of a dog pet. 
  7. Spending your free time on the home writing essay with the help of write my essay.
  8. Differences between Pilates and yoga classes.
  9. Married life vs life when a person is dating.


Funny compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Washing your dishes or doing the laundry.
  2. Whether you would prefer to be a stone or an animal.
  3. Lifestyles of the elderly people and the choices of young people.
  4. Selfie games vs traditional photos.
  5. Living in big cities vs life on a farm.
  6. Texting friends or talking to friends on faceTime. 
  7. The importance of food and sleep.
  8. Receiving gifts and giving presents.
  9. Drawing paintings vs Clicking photos.


History and politics

  1. Compare and contrast Washington and Lincoln.
  2. Compare the Presidency from Monarchy.
  3. How do Democrats and Republicans compare and contrast?
  4. Religious studies vs. anthropology studies.
  5. Compare and contrast the reasons behind WW1 and WW2. 
  6. Soviet government vs. the American government
  7. The concept of democracy vs. Chinese Communism.
  8. Korean prime-minister vs. U.S president.
  9. Compare and contrast Nazism and Fascism.
  10. Compare Liberalism from Communism.


Music and arts

  1. The relationship between hip hop music and violence.
  2. Celine Dion vs. Madonna.
  3. The concept of Black music vs. white music. 
  4. Contemporary dance vs. salsa dance.
  5. Guitar vs. piano instrumental.
  6. Chinese music vs. British music.
  7. Culture aspects of Chinese music vs. U.S music.
  8. Pop music vs. Hard rock music
  9. Compare Indian music art with other Asian countries.
  10. Gender dominance in music Male vs. Female.


All these topics will help you write a good compare and contrast essay. After when you are done selecting a topic, you must spare enough time and conduct research on it. To specifically write this sort of essay, a writer must have a sufficient amount of authentic data. Since, this essay aims to help people analyze things in a better way, for this reason having authentic information is a must. 


In case you think you can not do all this procedure on your own, the best option for you is to opt for a write my essay for me. Such services can help you to write a very impressive essay in no time. 

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