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Important College Academic Writing Conventions that High-School Students Rarely Know About



A writing convention helps the student in clarifying the  write my paper and make it understandable for the readers. These conventions can be learned by practice. In the following lines, we will talk about some conventions which are unfamiliar to the students.


Using Acronyms

These words are grouped together and then shown by their first capital letters. You may come across words like BBC, USA, and IT in your essay. When writing as an essay that is less than 8000 words in length, the writer can use the full form of the word and write the acronym in the brackets. You have to show the full form only once, afterwards, you can use the acronym only.




The Ministry of Defense (MOD) approved the increase in budget spending. An employee from the MoD told the newspaper.

In a piece of writing like a dissertation, the  essay writer will have to remind the audience about the term used as an acronym. You can use the full phrase at the start of each chapter and then use the acronym in the whole text. When work includes many acronyms, it is better to include an appendix at the end to show all of them.


Showing objectivity

Objectivity refers to keeping a certain distance between the writer and the subject matter of the assignment. You do not have to use the first and second-person pronouns in your writing so that ample objectivity remains. The use of informal conversation and contractions will show the audience that the writer is not very serious about the assignment.



I would not expect anyone to leak my personal information to anyone else.



Organizations having personal information should follow ethical rules so that trust is not broken.

The first sentence gives the audience an idea that the writer is talking in a personal context. The second statement makes a much valid point in a much more objective way.


Correct referencing

Referencing refers to giving the due credit to others when you use their work. There are many forms of referencing which vary from university to university and from instructor to instructor. This is one of the most important paper writing service used by experts. The writer should know all the major forms of referencing to write a proper essay or thesis. Although the referencing is used at the end of the content it can have a very important impact on the audience. Not every assignment will ask you explicitly to refer the information used but you will still have to provide the references to the sources used.


Using formal language

The use of slang language leaves a bad impression on the audience. The writer should know why academic writing is considered formal. The audience may conclude that the writer is presenting an opinion rather than providing some researched material. Literal meanings of the terms and words may be used by the writer in academic writing.



The campaigns undertaken by the electoral go an extra mile in the last month.



The candidates increase their meetings and other efforts near the elections.


Avoid disturbing the emotions

The writer should not use such language that can trigger an emotion in the readers.

The best way to avoid the use of emotive language to write my essay is to support your material with sources and references. Some emotive words are perfectly fine to use unless they are used within a particular phrase.

There are certain essay writing services that may provide you with many more writing techniques. They can help you in completing the assignment from scratch. 


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